CWJ-iPhoto | Creative Process
CWJ-iPhoto: capturing and editing images exclusively with iPhone technology tools and apps.
CWJ-iPhoto, iphonePhotographer, iShoot, iPhone Photography, Durham NC
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Visual Acuity

I shoot what I feel; straight photography, simple composition, light, texture, lines, shapes and depth of perspective.

Artistic Photography

A creative, seeing eye is a gift of birth.  An expressive eye that captures a moment in time with a photo and shares it with another – perhaps with an edit or two – is an artistic photographer.


Creative Portfolio

I relish in the ease of capturing and editing the images with the technology available through the iPhone device and a few additional tools and apps. The advancements with iPhone photography are tremendous.

iPhone Exclusive Technology

My work  is evolving as I grow with the use of the device and tools that are constantly changing. Yet, I find my greatest creative spark in exchange with people, objects of interest, light and shadow.


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.