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CWJ-iPhoto: capturing and editing images exclusively with iPhone technology tools and apps.
CWJ-iPhoto, iphonePhotographer, iShoot, iPhone Photography, Durham NC
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Charles W. Jackson, Photographer

My love for the iPhone as a photography tool began when I took a picture of my daughter and her friend descending the stairs of my house.  The light and shadows along the staircase were visually appealing to me.   I was impressed with the image, and shot a few more of them.  Later that week I rented a softbox and photographed them in the basement with lights and I never looked back.

I struggled for about a month with the prospect of selling my Nikon D 7000 with flash and and array of lenses so I could buy an iPad to use as the production tool and editor for the images.  Obviously, I did and am glad for the decision.

The simplicity of the iPhone seems to allow me to see the images clearly. I shoot what I feel; straight photography, simple composition, lighting, texture, lines, shapes and perspective.

I relish in the ease of capturing and editing the images with the technology available through the phone device and a few additional tools and apps. The advancements with iPhone photography are tremendous.  The future looks amazing and I intend to be a part of it.